Clinical Placement Expectations

During your clinical placement you will mostly expect for an orientation on your first day in the hospital or any health institutions. That is true, however, you should not expect that the clinical placement orientation will last for the whole day. There are some hospitals that will only spend an hour of orientation and you will then be placed in your assigned areas.

On your clinical placement, you are not expected to know everything on your first day or week. But, you should always ask your buddy nurse or someone who have enough knowledge with the information that you want to ask.

Communication is also vital for providing care to your patient here in Australia. Through this you are expected to have a good conversation with the patient, since this is also part of your assessment. At the same time, you will be able to create a good relationship with your client. Take note as well that as a nurse for a bridging program you are also assessed in your communication. You think that your assessors will not notice what you are doing in your assigned area, well, think again.

All you have to do is work like a registered nurse with confidence and sincerity to your area. Never assume that you know it all.


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