AHPRA Eligibility Extension and Validity

Some of you out there might have a situation where you have an eligibility letter from AHPRA but you are not yet enrolled in any bridging course. At the same time, your eligibility letter is about to expire. 
Now, you already find a school or educational provider for your bridging program. However, the program will start a month after your eligibility will expire. What you will do?
Simple, stop stressing yourself about your registration. Since, once you are enrolled in your chosen education provider, your are now eligible to register after passing your bridging course. So, it does not matter anymore if you finished your course after your eligibility letter expires. What AHPRA requires you is to submit your identity check (if not done yet) and a letter of recommendation for registration directly from your educational provider.
BUT, what if the educational provider will not accept you for the course due to the reason that your eligibility letter will expire before the course will be completed. Here are the things that you need to do:
Email your case officer and ask for a statement from him or her stating that you can still be enrolled in the course for as long as before your eligibility letter expires you are already enrolled.Then forward it to the educational provider, since majority of the educational providers are unaware of this situation or was not elighten about this issue.
(Most likely you will get a response like this ” You have one year to be enrolled in a bridging course, if you are enrolled by the expiry date this willl be taken into consideration.”)
Explain to your educational provider that there is no any problem of enrolling you or accepting you in the program since your eligibility will expire a month or a week after while the program has already started. Nevertheless, if they wwill ask for any support of this statement, then forward the email from your case officer to the admission officer in your chosen school or course provider.
There is some situation here that their or your eligibility letter is about to expire and you have not found any bridging school as of the moment that will enroll you. It is because that they are already full for the entire year or you though it was so easy to find a bridging course in Australia. 
With this situation you are required to contact your case officer directly. Do not be shy to contact them since they will be so happy to explain to you what are your options. It is better to give them a call,since majority of the case officer will provide their direct hotline number. 
Explain to them your situation and the reasons why you required to ask for an extension of your eligibility. However, most of the case officer will tell you that you need to re-apply again and repeat the entire process to gain that eligibility letter again. This will be frustrating side, but atleast you have tried. In some instance, your case officer will extend another month or a couple of months. This will be your luckiest day.

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13 Responses to AHPRA Eligibility Extension and Validity

  1. Hello there, just became aware of your blog through Google, and found that it is really informative. I’m going to watch out for brussels. I’ll be grateful if you continue this in future. Many people will be benefited from your writing. Cheers!

  2. PRIYA ABRAHAM says:

    Hi ,I just want to know where I can find an educational provider who can accept my application for the bridging program . I have already got the eligibility letter from APHRA but the thing is I don’t have an IELTS report to support my application . There was a situation APHRA required only proof for education as English medium. Please guide me to which institution should I apply to.

    • rnadmin says:


      Have you tried asking AHPRA for a letter stating that you do not require IELTS or OET? If not, try to contact your case officer. But, you can try contacting this educational provider in Burwood,NSW. It is called the College of Nursing-Burwood. Try to visit their website through google.

  3. rnadmin says:

    You can try asking AHPRA, and pray, since AHPRA nowadays will most likely not extend it. However, if your case officer is kind and understanding (but not all), he or she might give you an extension. I know it is very expensive, but try borrowing or asking some financial support from your relative. Good luck.

  4. Binish v jacob says:

    My apra registration will expire this march if possible extension now iam working in gulf my employer is not leaving me after finish 2yrs contract.This march will finish contracr .

  5. ecil uy says:

    Hi, I have read about the extension situation should the eligibility letter expires…I was in the same situation and humbly requested for an extension. Unfortunately said request was denied. I am writing to request for your suggestion/s on which Nurse & Midwifery Council state to apply… I was told that some states like Victoria and Sydney are very strict and don’t give considerations. I plan to reapply and I don’t want to commit same mistakes…again. Thank you.

  6. Sym49 says:

    Hi, I already have my eligibility letter and it will expire on July 16, 2013. However, my bridging program will start on May 27 -July 19 2013. Do I need to ask for an extension? Because it will be 3 days pass the expiration date. Thanks.

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  8. Sarah Jane Sibala says:

    Hi! I came across your blog thru Google because I was having problems with the school and AHPRA regarding extension of eligibility. I’ve been enrolled in a school in Melbourne. My eligibility will expire on the 6th of August, 2013, and the course will commence last week of June. I’ve requested AHPRA if they could grant me an extension even for a few weeks. They said that they can’t grant an extension unless the course has already commenced. However, the school contacted me and told me they won’t include me in the batch if i dont secure an email from AHPRA agreeing with the extension. I’ll be leaving soon, I’ve got my ticket and visa, and arranged my accommodation, and I’m very anxious about my situation. I emailed AHPRA again (Web enquiry) and told them about my situation. Please guide me on this. Thanks.
    P. S. How do you email your case officer?

  9. roxxane says:


    I’m planning to apply for a bridging school in Australia, preferably in Australian College of Nursing in Burwood, NSW before June of this year. I just want to know how do I apply for letter of eligibility in AHPRA? Do I need to send everything by snail mail in AHPRA NSW?


  10. k3na says:

    hi there just want to ask if how long do the AHPRA usually take to grant the eligibility letter for international nurses who want to take the bridging program, since i’ve been informed that there are some revisions in the assessment guidelines of AHPRA. i have sent them my application this Feb 2014 and had sent them this May 2014 the necessary additional requirements AHPRA had requested from me. I would greatly appreciate your reply. Thank you very much :)

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